Northwest: Serusup – Tg Simpang Mengayau 2018-08-02T12:53:02+00:00


Serusup – Tg Simpang Mengayau

This is a region with untapped coastal tourism potentials with long stretch of pristine beach along Sabah’s northwestern coastline. Currently lacking of road connectivity, most parts of this region are hardly accessible. The construction of coastal road will not only provide mobility access to the population in the remote areas but also open the region for further development. The construction of coastal road stretching from Serusup in Tuaran to Tanjung Simpang Mengayau in Kudat (dubbed as the Tip of Borneo) perfectly complements the Tourism Master Plan blueprint to develop coastal tourism. Construction of the alignment is divided to 9 work packages ie WP9 (Serusup-Pituru), WP10 (Pituru-Rampayan Laut, 32.2km), WP11 (Rampayan Laut-Sarang), WP12 (Sarang-Temuno), WP13 (Temuno-Bingolon), and WP14 (Bingolon-Tg. Simpang Mengayau).