Northeast Region: Lahad Datu Bypass – Mile 32, Sandakan 2018-08-02T12:52:21+00:00


Lahad Datu Bypass – Mile 32, Sandakan

Besides improving people’s mobility, the construction of the highway will boost the oil palm industry, which is the main economic feature in the region together with Central and Southwest. Delivery of the crops to the mills and crude palm oil to the ports will be speedier. Eco-tourism industry will also be the beneficiary of the project as the region is the home of natural attractions such as wildlife and natural forests. The 126.5km alignment which starts from Laha Datu ByPass and ends in Mile 32, Sandakan consists of six work packages, i.e WP 22 (Lahad Datu Bypass-Kg. Sandau, 25.5km), WP23 (Kg. Sandau-Sg. Takala, 24.8km), WP24 (Sg. Takala-Kg. Perpaduan Dtk. Moh, 16.4km), WP25 (Kg. Perpaduan Dtk. Moh-Sukau, 16.8km), WP26 (Sukau-Kg. Lot M, 18km), and WP27 (Kg. Lot M-Mile32, Sandakan, 17.5km).