CSR Activities

As a Project Delivery Partner entrusted with the building of the infrastructure for the people, BHP will continuously engage the community in education and environmental programmes whilst practicing the key values in the Construction Industry Transformation Plan (CITP) Four Thrusts which we are among the signatories.

Blood donation campaign

BHP organised a blood donation campaign, facilitated by Unit Tabung Darah Hospital Wanita dan Kanak-Kanak, Likas. 53 donors came forward to give their blood.

Colouring Contest for Pre-School

79 pre-school children from 3 schools  participated in the BHP Colouring Contest themed Road Safety Awereness on 28 September 2017. They are from SK Mesapol, SK Sindumin and host SRJK Chung Hwa.

“Buka Puasa” With The Orphans

BHP hosted a “buka puasa” for 70 children from 3 orphanages on 13th June 2016. Deputy Minister of Works, Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin was among the dignitaries attended the dinner.

“Bubur Lambuk” for “buka puasa & sahur”

Members of BHP Recreation Club prepared “bubur lambuk” in Ramadan 2017 for the patients’ family members and medical staff in hospitals and  police personnel on duty.

Repairs & Facelift School Building

In May 2016, BHP sponsored repair and facelift works on SMK Balung building in Tawau. It was prior to the official launching of Work Package 15 (Tawau-Sandakan) by the Prime Minister.