Central: Mile 32, Sandakan – Ranau 2018-08-02T12:50:27+00:00


Mile 32, Sandakan – Ranau

The alignment in this region is the central spine of connectivity as it connects eastern and western parts of Sabah. Rugged landscape and winding roads in some areas along the 171km stretch warrants for upgrading for safer and more convenient mobility. Planned work packages for the region are WP28 (Mile 32, Sandakan-Moynod), WP29 (Moynod-Sapi Nangoh), WP30 (Sapi Nangoh-Sg. Baoto), WP31 (Sg. Baoto-Telupid), WP32 (Telupid-Kg. Lumou Baru), WP33 (Kg. LUmou Baru-Kg. Toupos), WP34 (Kg. Toupos-Kg. Nabutan), and WP35 (Kg. Nabutan-Ranau).